Upcoming Events

Look for info on the 2019 season towards the end of this year. Our annual events may include:

Winter Training Jan. - Mar. - COMPLETED
Registration Nov. 2018 - Mar. - COMPLETED
Team Meetings Mar. 17 - COMPLETED
Bingo Night April 27 - COMPLETED
Picture Day May 11 - COMPLETED
Skills, Home Run Derby and All-Stars Jun. 21-22
Chicago Bandits Night Jun. 28
Championships Jun. 29
Play, Picnic & Party Jul. 14
End of the Season Pool Party TBD
Hometown Parade Sep. 21
Skills Competition & Home Run Derby - Friday, June 21, 2019

Skills Competition

Location: CAF Football Field

Time: 6pm - 8pm, Awards at 8pm

All EGGS participants are welcome to enter in the Skills Competition (Instructional, Ponytail, Sophomore, and Junior). All-Star participants may compete in the skills competitions but are not able to win.

  • Throwing Accuracy - Participants will throw 3 baseballs into targets with assigned point values. Any misses are recorded as an X and any in the target are recorded at that point value. All points are then totaled to get the final score.
  • Base Running - Participants will run around the bases 1 time and be timed.
  • Hitting - Participants will hit 3 11" softballs (12" for Juniors) off a tee and distances will be measured. Highest distance will be the final score.

Participants can only win in her highest skill.

We will have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards.

Note: The skills competition is for both EGGS and EGVYB groups.

Information subject to change.

Home Run Derby

Location: CAF Field 1 and 2

Each team in Ponytail, Sophomore and Junior divisions may select 1 girl to participate in the Home Run Derby. This may include an All-Star participant.

Division Participant Team Time Location Distance

Anna Gbur
Payton Ackman
Jimena Rodriguez
Jane Kelly
Ella O'Malley


6:00 PM CAF #2 65'

Olivia Eugene
Bella Sanden
Jaimie Miller
Valeria Wadas

7:00 PM CAF #2 100'

Lauren Brunn
Ashley Luebke
Makena Vician
Ella Stevens
Paige Gibson
Isabella Merendino

7:00 PM CAF #1 130'


Batting order will be determined by drawing numbers.

Pitcher is coach or parent for Ponytail and Sophomore; machine for Junior.

Participant will have 3 practice hits that do not count.

2 rounds: 3 non-attempts and 10 outs each. An out is considered a strike or a non-home run hit. Once all 3 non-attempts are exhausted, the participant must attempt to hit the pitch even if it is a ball, otherwise it will be called an out.

  • 1st round - All participants; top 2 will advance to the 2nd In the event of a tie, a 3-out playoff will commence immediately and continue until the tie is broken.
  • 2nd round - Participant with the most HR in this round In the event of a tie, a 3-out playoff will commence immediately and continue until the tie is broken.

We will have 1st and 2nd place awards.

Information subject to change.

All-Star Games - Saturday, June 22, 2019

All-Star Games

Location: CAF Field 1 and 2

The All-Star Games will be held at the Community Athletic Fields, in conjuction with Elk Grove Village Youth Baseball.

Team and MVP awards will be distributed after each game.

Introducing your 2019 All-Star teams!

Ponytail Sophomore Junior
10:30 AM at CAF #2 9:00 AM at CAF #1 12:00 PM at CAF #1
Boyle Reporto Messenger Wadas Brunn Gomez
Maura Boyle Autumn Kermath Hannah Carlson Rylee Albrecht Lauren Brunn Bella Andrade
Maddie Cage Effie Peterhansen Olivia Eugene Claire Alvarado Gaetana Calo Emma Gomez
Lilly Podgorski Leanna Reporto Kayla Foley Santina Papucci Caroline Krol Katie McCormick
Lily Schnitzer Jimena Rodriguez Idabelle Hoerbert Megan Rittle Melia McLane Allie Runge
Payton Ackman Olivia Arciniegas Mackenzie Wagner Valerie Wadas Amanda Briggs Kaya Dobbins
Kiera McHorney Jane Kelly Melissa Karavas Ashley Braude Ashley Luebke Reese Gbur
Megan Moser Sofia Kokenes Hailey Mays Adileen Fox Isabel Morales Katie Kerrigan
Nora Schwarz Madielynn Reyes Kailey Pikul Tola Moore Delilah Sarantscha Grace Maiorello
Norah Loes Lilly Engler Bella Sanden Kylie Weber Mia Hanson Jessica Langston
Cecilia Gemmati Emily Wienc Rachel Pavletich Isabella Merendino
Makena Vician Julia Smith
Kaitlyn Wadas Megan Weishaar
Alternates Alternates Alternates Alternates Alternates Alternates
Jorja Villagomez Lauren Kim Ellie Messenger Dakota Charles Nicole Nettnin Maddie Reid
Keeley Wagner Erin Burke Jessica Mikel Lindy Crane Mary Kate Walsh Esmeralda Martinez
Ela O'Malley Sami Dailey Amber Irizarry

Information subject to change.

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