2019 Registration

Registration for the 2019 Elk Grove Girls Softball season is closed for Instructional, Ponytail, Sophomore, and Junior divisions.

Senior division is open until April 15. You can register at the Pavilion or online.

R=Resident NR=Non-Resident

Activity # Division


204213-01 Instructional (4Y Pre - Kindergarten) $70 $84 CLOSED
204213-02 Instructional (1st Grade) $70 $84 CLOSED
204213-03 Ponytail (2nd Grade) $145 $174 CLOSED
204213-04 Ponytail (3rd Grade) $145 $174 CLOSED
204213-05 Sophomore (4th Grade) $145 $174 CLOSED
204213-06 Sophomore (5th Grade) $145 $174 CLOSED
204213-07 Junior (6th Grade) $145 $174 CLOSED
204213-08 Junior (7th Grade) $145 $174 CLOSED
204213-09 Junior (8th Grade) $145 $174 CLOSED
204213-10 Senior (High School) $145 $174 OPEN until 4/22


If you are participating in the Ponytail, Sophomore, or Junior division AND are:

  • new to the Elk Grove Girls softball program
  • haven't participated in the past season of the program
  • moving to the Ponytail division for the first time

We will have an evaluation to determine skill level to help inform managers.

When: 1pm on Sunday, March 3, 2019

Where: Elk Grove High School Fieldhouse, enter Door #24

What to Expect: Bring mitt, bat, and helmet. Participants will complete a few drills including fielding, running, and batting

Know someone interested in joining softball?
Let them know about registration, our Facebook page, and our website!

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